Nichols & Associates is your all-inclusive staffing and management agency.  From filling specialized brand ambassador roles, to managing the logistics of nationwide promotional campaigns, we do it all.

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Here is our biggest strength! We've been doing it for over 30 years and we have the resources to fill any type of event position with the perfect person. Our personnel are outgoing and presentable, and have been thoroughly vetted, background-checked and trained. You can have confidence that our staff will represent your image with the utmost talent and professionalism.

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We can take your idea from start to finish and keep our finger on the pulse of the project. We lift the work and the worry off of your shoulders and take it upon ourselves to give you and your idea the competitive edge. 

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Sales numbers are what it's all about, right? From retail location selection, to display design consultation, and even brand ambassador training and product knowledge testing specific to your product, we do whatever we can to lift your brand and your numbers.


• A corporate culture of direct communication with our clients and our personnel - after all, "Our Business is People"

• An excellent reputation within the event industry for on-date, on-time execution and the quality of our personnel

• Superior customer service to our valued clients

• Ownership of our events and dedication to our client's success